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Yesterday, I was thinking of yesterday

Living in dead hours

Yes to scrapped days

I wish I could say noterday

but dictionaries will be worried

beyond words, with naysayers;

anon with tomorrow I'm perpetually in wars

relay race continues to rehearse

mind ceaselessly carries memories, like hearse

it hardly has a trace

how it disappears behind grace;

hurt, hidden, punished, banished

in hell, in hell, in hell.


I am slowly buried under the earth

I struggle to heal my moments

thousands of them, pouring in,

but I have also learned to plan and win

for days yet to be born

with my learned horn

my head, my head, my head is only alive


I wish I could live light, feel good,

forever in heaven, engaged and full

but I have learned to live in my beautiful

dazed yesterday

with heaps of known sorrow

reliving in the dead tomorrow.

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