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You & I
You & I

© Seeta Narayanan


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There is something about you
That I can’t really tell
Each time I look into your eyes
I feel out of breath

The passion in your eyes feels so intense
One glance from you and my heart completely melts

Each night I stay awake
And toss & turn in my bed
Wondering about the days
Which we so dearly spent

The times when you held me within your arms
So inseparable in love that we used to be in a trance
Trance so deep, that we never wanted it to end
The magical quivering of my body, as an answer to your touch

The nectar from your lips was something
I could never get enough of
It was a feeling so divine that
I could even readily die for

There was magic in the way
We redefined love
It was like two souls descended from heaven
Only to make mad passionate love

There was something in the way
You touched my soul
It was at that moment, I realized
You are the ‘One’ with whom
I’m ready to grow old

And it was at that time
That the angels foretold
It was for you who I was bestowed
The endless pain and suffering that my soul endured
And that’s when the angels descended and resonated

That they only fulfilled the word of the Lord

That ‘you and I’ are meant to be together after all
That ‘you and I’ are meant to be together after all

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