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Masking A Mask
Masking A Mask

© Shalini Sinha


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Shiny skin was holding an awful smile,

eyes were glittering with an unnatural gleam,

much like a broken glass pieces,

in a shadow of light.


What an amazing thought, 

pinned in her mind.

Words seem to be so pure & sharp. 

But soothing enough,

like that of first downpour of monsoon night.


Eyes weren't less to kill,

someone with an evil plan.


What beauty, she possessed.

Maintaining an aura,

she was dancing,

with a crown of perfection and pride.


Radiating vibes like that of moonlight,

of a full moon night.

She seemed to be, the goddess of chastity and life.


She was busy holding it with perfection, not to let anyone catch her actual glimpse.


How beautiful and alive,

she perceived to be;

just like a dawn.


But a day it fell off, in light.

And I...

got to see someone new,

lips curving down.

And eyes carrying deep oceans of pain and sigh;

tumbling down confidence,

with wild storm running inside.

She was falling down,

much like that of a very old tree;

which was once, standing strong with roots of love and togetherness, embedded deep in soil.


I got to see her, when,

her mask of happiness fell off.

And there I realised,

we are all wearing a mask,

which is entirely different from that of,

what we are...

We all are wearing mask.

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