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Bewildered !
Bewildered !

© Kumaara Sukeja


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I see an ebony-coated elephant sheltering a rain-soaked rabbit under its gentle girth---
Is it fair, I wonder, to encapsulate empathy in whimsical sizes?
I, also, see a lonely child wandering at the city-edge, lost in his own dreamy world...
While all around him, flow tears in daily streams.
Meanwhile, the diffident Sun peeks in from amidst the foreboding clouds, as though, seeking to dart in a ray of cheer!
On its disappearance, the wan moon sneaks in cynically from behind the motley, agitating clouds, only to be seen to jeer
the know-all ilk for keeping the child in cyclical hunger :
A morsel thrown on here and there---
Bruised and tattered; not realizing the prickly sense of being abandoned --- wonder-struck in a gushy state of gay abandon...
Not knowing pain in its form, but, feeling only natural joy in its frail frame, sighting the chirpy birds and the sky-filling rainbow---
WHAT transpired at the poignant point of the child's exalted birth?
WHAT or WHO is conspiring systematically to brutalize, inexorably, its soul laden with innocence ?
WHAT or WHO has the unassailable answers ?
Or, the suppressed questions ?
WHO is maintaining a studied silence, AND, WHAT is lying dormant at the bottom of the pit ?---
p---i---t--- of the conscience of the Al(l)mighty. The Hoary.
Creation. OR?


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