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Be Honest
Be Honest

© Deepak Kumar Dey


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In time of need
Don't show your greed
Listen to the urgent call of budding seed
Do it up firmly, try to feed.

Don't be the weak one, be strong as steel and rock,
Be a blossoming flower knitted delicately in a frock.
Don't listen to them who try to mock
Crush their sultry words under a rock.

Be the brave one, remove your sorrows
Remember that each day never glows.
Today is not same as tomorrows
Keep in mind, at cyclonic storm frightful wind blows,
Tall trees get uprooted but grass remains rooted, time shows.

If you can, learn how to excuse
Learn the divine skill not to accuse but to be of use
Never leave your words at loose
Have faith in GOD, for him to play the muse.

Recite the good wishes for all and repeat
If you can, look on vices of lies to delete.
Bring godly change in yourself minute to minute
Be graceful, be honest, be sweet.

Be the follower of wise
As they are alright and seriously think;
Feel His goodness and let it sink
Be a matter of fine habit to drink
Hold your pen and write in ink.

O my brother! U my sister!
For Him be a dominant fighter
Strengthen your ability , neat and clear
Follow your soul , it's the ultimate mirror.

Be the brave warrior , have a kind heart
For the world be a significant part
on heavenly canvas paint your beautiful art,
For a new ambitious generation is to start.


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