Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes

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Don’t open your eyes

You’re a nasty guy, as it looks.

Looks are looks, like a dangerous looks

Close your eyes and you don’t see me.

You’re as bold as me

Don’t shame me with your deeds,

Game is a game, a lovely game

Likes and dislikes, keep aside them.

You’re here to treat me well

Inevitable research is 'Need Of The Hour'.

Act and act like a love coach act

Let’s roll in this game of life.

Each day is our liking day,

Let us not conflict on unknown deals.

Night moves fast, as day invites us,

Day rolls away, as night welcomes again.

You can’t see everything

Rather, you won’t get opportunity to see.

People who see all are lucky guys

Eyes are there to see all in this world.

No matter, it is day or night

See and see the whole world is yours

At times, you close your eyes

You can’t see certain things in this world.

Naked eyes, justify the things

Naked eyes, certify the matter

Naked eyes, can’t verify the aspects

Naked eyes, hate unwanted things.

Close your eyes for unwanted affairs,

Don’t see with your eyes, the naked truth.

Eyes can’t bear the horrible things

Close your eyes, for a pure love life.

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