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10 Simple Steps
10 Simple Steps

© Anubhuti Singhal

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10 simple steps, to make mom and dad glad.
I will tell you.
Shall I? Yes!
So listen.
Junk food is for a fool
stay away, if you want to be cool.
Eat healthy and stay strong
otherwise, you will cry life long.
Observe hygiene, if you want to be hot
you don't want to smell like a dung pot.
Being clean is being 'in'
tell your friends also that it is a good thing.
If you are punctual and if you are proper
for you there could be no stopper.
Do you know?
it would be good to conserve H2O
Along with air, we  need water most.
so turn off the tap and get a pat on your back.
Do hug and kiss trees
if you want a long life, never ever cut trees.
Harming animals and birds would never do
they have always been our best and loyal friends 
and need love and compassion as much as we do.
A little care for nature
and it will nurture you like a mother.
10 Simple steps to make mom and dad glad
believe you me, will also make you laugh.

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