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What Art Thou?
What Art Thou?

© Karthik Narayan


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Let’s all point our little fingers and wish for change, every little end emitting embers and glory..

Let’s all point out the demons naught they as dark as your soul within,

Let us all smile thine very laughter which brings the shadows in front of thee… and then shall I ask, the question lurking within me..

Thine flesh, who hath no answer, thy mind whirl me upside down but it aint thine wows which gaveth me reason.. thine and mine, the truth lies hidden, buried amidst burning stones, weeping out, seeking us to look for answers, but thy faces are turned as if made from mud, weep do us, oh just mere mortals who seek an answer….

Weeping are the ones who seek the truth, weak those who look beyond and cry, those who let your Gods command thee..

what are these Gods I ask, spite venom and spit forth hate, do the same and Am I not God in may.. and thy went their paths searching for God unknowing that God reeks within you …leading you towards the truth or is it just a wayward, leading you astray,

I command thy God to let us be, us weeping souls oh let us weep,

cause in our tears we see, pearls of wisdom unknown to thee.. oh bestow us the truth which the blind world doesn’t see, begging to which we make our way…

tie thee us in chains and in boulders the truth, cause what we seek is seldom free, the answer we seek will let us free but to that we beg you thee, dismayed and forgotten the trees they weep for heavens pleasures they all do seek,

but what is heaven and what is thy hell?

Is it the one who dwells within me or is it the one who makes me real?

Is he the one who makes me real, the one who dwells within?

Is it the one who clouds my mind, with shadows as dark as thy own skin, should I rip it off to see, the real me or is it just an image of thee…


Shadows Dark Dwells

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