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Broken Glass
Broken Glass

© Divyansh Bhatt


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A rose I held

In my hand

I lifted it up

To have its incense inside me.

As the rose rose

Towards my olfactory

A strong emotion surmounted me

And I froze

I was rigid

But the heat of emotion

Melted me

A small stream made its way

From my cheek

Falling down as tears

In the midst of dryness

And I, I was glued to the earth

Lost in my own universe

My universe, a mystery for me

Untold, unexplored and undestined

Those fantasies and sparks

Which made me what I am not today

I was glued to them

Treading on a path

Without anyone with me

Trying to relive them back

My dreams

Walking on the rainbow

With seven shades

Just after the rain

Completely drenched, dripping the drops

Of unconditional love

Wreathing the stars

Shining bright in high heavens

To make a garland

Whose lusture never fades.

For times to come

Riding a butterfly

Who sits on the rose

Drinking its essence.

To quench my thirst

Such were my passions

Innocent images of imaginations

Were once dead

A rose revived them today.

But I am still lost

My shattered dreams

Are broken glass

That still sting

Sketching those memories

Those clouds

Which lost water

When I desired to drench myself

Never, there was a shower

Of a single drop

That rainbow

Never appeared

The seven shades

Always hidden in shade

The stars which I wished to pluck

From the heavens

And wreath

Played hide and seek

And I could never find them

Even inside me

The butterfly I wanted to ride

Never did it fly

I never drank the nectar

Nor did I inhale that incense

And I,

I gave up and moved on

Never to look back again.


But today, the rose

Its fragrance

Again reminds me

Of those dreams

My painful past

Stands ahead of me

Reprimanding me for

My fantasies which became a fantasy

Forever, forever and forever.


Pain dreams

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