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In Between Truth And Lies
In Between Truth And Lies

© Sanaya Ross

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Didn't want this... Didn’t want to do this... Can you even...distinguish between your truths and your lies... Your truths and your lies... You... leave me in the dark... again and again... Always leaving me in the dark again.. and again.. Say you want to help, say you tried to help... Good intention is not an action, it simply begins and ends at that thought. If you were to try to place me back at the beginning again... after I’ve already reached the end. I’d drag my feet in protest, back to everywhere I’ve been... Would you like to be left in the dark again...? I could leave you in the dark again and again.... Take away, take away from you - my emotion Quickly dimming light... Quickly fleeting plight... Rooms are silent... Doors are open... Step through... Step through... See the other side.... Don’t assume... Just because you cannot read between the lines... I can't... I have... I do... I did... Show me what you believe in. Reveal and elaborate your position. From sitting to running without even standing. Say you want something... To be a better man... Learn from indiscretions, transgressions; delight in your own humility... Feel embarrassment... Be a simple man. A good friend. A better husband. A greater father. A catalyze for change. Recognize the differences between a man and woman, defeat a bias perspective. Understand you are stronger and poses different survival capabilities beyond that of a woman. Understand your role and position toward your fellow man. Help others. Do not concern yourself with being taking advantage of. When the focus should be on yourself walking a correct path and not taking advantage of others. To teach. To learn. To listen. To feel yourself growing more aware, come to life. Fall beneath, Rise above. Neither side. To Let go, A vast outward awareness. Collapse Walls. Be completely around yourself. Abolish Fears. To Ascend. Reveal. Evolve. A rippling effect can echo throughout a perfect circle. Should have come to me as a friend... extended your hand... not just wasted words of no execution, lost in the ultimate self-righteous delusion... A man capable of a great many things. Walks to the beat of his own drum. He doesn’t take up concern with what others think about him. Only when a man is acting with the correct intentions and under good pretenses that are not of a self serving nature and do not serve to hurt others, is he never wrong. To know the difference between the two. I know it’s possible... show me you are capable... Of standing face to face with even yourself... Why would I read beyond the cover of an open book... so is that really what you.. are... or is that another false confession shoveled over buried omission’s. Do not be to insecure to walk in your own beliefs.... Opinions are not universal when they are bias and corrupted by the negligent, ignorant and insecure nature of mankind evolving into a controlling rule of hand spawned by a deep selfishness. In this world we are equal on these levels: our beliefs and opinions. Learn to love - eccentricities in emotion a fearless love creates...selflessness, transcendence, despair, apathy, misery, sympathy...... unbridled inner constantly evolving ingenuity.... shameless, pride less, and limitless....Hate to love... the ultimatum... without love... you know no muse. When you look out into space and at the stars.... isn’t everything very trivial and we are so suppressed by gravitational force... Bound to our tiny insignificant lives...

Truth lies love you

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