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My Shattered Pieces
My Shattered Pieces

© Meetu Nadir


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It took just a few words from you
To shatter my heart into pieces
And throw me into a sea of pain
With no anchor or hope of rescue
You sat there while I was wrecked
Not battling an eyelid or showing care
Uttering words that hurt me so deep
Leaving my whole life in utter disdain

You called me names and put me to blame
For all the wrongs that were your own doing
You shamed my loyalty and my devotion
Never giving a thought to how you broke me
And then you even had the audacity of saying
That it was my blessing that I had found you
For no one else could bear all my tantrums 
And I wonder if I am not in a terrible illusion  

For had you loved me like you claim to do
Would you not be aware of my bleeding heart?
Of the terrible ache, that has not stopped
From the moment, you started my destruction
With your poisonous words, you shot like darts

I have died a new death every moment since then
Wondering how and where I should go from here 
Collecting my shattered pieces to begin a new life!!!

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