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Love And Love Everywhere
Love And Love Everywhere

© Farah Siddiqui Matin


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Love -  a captivating four letter words

So dominant, to rule the whole World

Sentiments are highly pure, deep and intense

That Heart feels delighted with Someone’s presence.

The intact aura changes within a moment

And the fondness extends and elated like a scent.

The Souls enraptured to be in each other’s arms

And the entire dilemma ends like a soothing balm.

Let others curse me; now I don’t care.

Love is my Eden, with feelings that are rare

I desire to be in this Eden, ever and ever

With immense faith, Love and fervour.

Now please don’t proceed to disturb me,

And please do not exert to unnerve me.

Right now I am at the safest place

Beyond any province, religion, or race.

In love, the ambience is so divine and calm.

With each breath, the two gets warmth.

The souls are extremely excited to become one

And all the worries and stress are ready to shun.

Love desired to be intimate and encircled

As it pacifies the thirst, that is impeccable.

Now do not wake me, Let me die!

Let me die in these innocent eyes

As I have attained everything in these loving sphere;

As Love is with me, so I don’t care.

I met my Love, my Confidant, and my Heaven

And my deserted life has changed into a Garden

Time is reducing so make it fast,

Life is full of tragedies in vast.

If we become one from two, then no one can cheat

As we are the dictators of Love, it’s difficult to defeat.

I am all yours and this I can assure.

I will lead all your worries and sufferings to cure.

I love you and will Love you from my Heart.

You are within me, and you are my part.

Just walk beside me, hand in hand

And you will find me, wherever you stand.

Now the World seems so lovely, just like the heavens above,

Because everywhere there is Love and Love and Love.

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