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Before I'M Gone
Before I'M Gone

© Nikhil Sharma


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Before I breathe, let me see if the air is clean 

for my soul wants to run with gravity 


Before I talk to you, let me know what goes on in your mind because the ambivalence hurts 


Before I see the flowers, let me smell them 

for their fragrance is what I long for 


Before I sit under the sunset, let me feel 

the rays on my skin flashing by 


Before I step into a forest, let me find 

my tree for I laid its seeds long back ago 


Before I ask for help, let me make you 

listen to the cause and my need 


Before I touch the clouds, let me spread 

my wings in the arms of the winds 


Before I feel my heart, let me be 

alone for a while in the garden of love 


Before I put my thoughts across, let me 

say what I want you to understand 


Before I fall behind in this worldly race, 

let me move along with my people in peace 


Before I go to the mystical mountains, 

let me set my feet firm on the ground 


Before I unveil my ideas, let me 

openly think for a while 


Before I walk in the desert of troubles, 

let me drink hope a drop by drop 


Before I surrender to the lord, let me 

finish my prayer in the gentle breeze 


Before I get judged by you, let me take 

some time out and be myself forever 


Before I reach to your heart, let me unlock 

the gates of trust in time 


Before I get some rest, let me unwind 

with my thoughts if you don't mind 


Before I start to dream, let me know 

my true being and close your eyes 


Before I'm gone, let me live life 

freely like a bird in the sky!

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