Ma Knew It

Ma Knew It

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Her eyes


She was sad

I could see

It on her face

But the reason

I knew not

Thought a lot

& then I asked

"Mom, what's wrong?"



She said

"Everything is perfect."

But I was sure

Through her

Sad eyes

Something she was

Surely hiding

I asked

Again & Again

She assured

All was well

But she was upset

She was sad

She had sensed

Dark clouds

All over us

Those dark days

Came & went

Then Ma said

It was this

Tornado in our lives

That I was fearing that day

It came

See I sensed it right

I am your Ma

& nothing can be hidden

From my sight

I understood

That day

What her eyes said

I hugged her tight

And thanked God

For His best blessing

In life I had.

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