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The Magical Stick
The Magical Stick

© Rupeesha Galhotra


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That day I wandered to 

Roam around the fields 

I had always wanted to. 

That magical place 

With four cornered magical lace. 

At the entrance, put my entry tick 

As soon as I entered, found the magical stick. 

So much excited to see the stick... 

But alas! It was too heavy to pick. 

Thought I couldn't go empty handed,

Just for this stick, to the most dangerous place I had landed. 

What to do? What to do? 

Finally, found the magical book 

It must have the solution, lets take a look. 

Opened the book with great pressure, 

All the pages were blank, obviously it was a hunt for the treasure. 

Okay! To get that stick you have to pay, 

That’s all, at that time, I could say. 

Invisible ink? The question raised by brain, 

Found the jar of water, and started the book to drain. 

Magical spells all around, 

Abbrakadabra were all the sounds. 

The words started appearing, 

This made me glad and cheering. 

Found the chapter of the magical stick, 

81 pages? Gosh! I need to be quick. 

Soon, the clock beside the bed started ringing, 

Time to wake up, without the dream ending? 

Oh god! 8 minutes were over, 

I was left with just 8 pages to cover. 

The secret of the magical stick still remains unknown, 

The alarm clock was literally thrown. 

Still wait for that dream to come again, 

8 years have passed, still there is pain. 

Oh! Dream do come soon, 

I cant wait till the blue moon!

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