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Jewel Joint
Jewel Joint

© Neetu Vaid Sharma


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A pretty lass

Whose crunchy fad was

To feed her mind’s meal

With her best of jewels and ornaments

Immense glad she would feel

As a wounded gets healed after ointments


Her beauty was beyond words

Unequal charmer she, lagging behind melodious birds

Days went on passing

Her bewitching collection went on surpassing


Enamored she was by a lovely lad

Soon he became her uncontrollable fad

Gold, silver, diamonds seemed to her all trash

That handsome Prince was her only hard cash


Her eyes, her heart and her mind

Everywhere was that boy- cool and kind

One day he met her in a corridor

They were alone and close that before


He touched her hand - fair and soft

She was melt inside with love so loft

She never had such notion

Her heart was now Love Ocean


Her words were too short to say

Wrapped in an enclosed envelope they lay

That moment was real the jeweled one

With sudden ringing of love poems by Donne


Since then – the pretty dame

Renounced all jewels- but one does claim

With proud purity and innocence overloaded

Her beauty has been with one jewel studded


An unseen cloak remains hovering

When removed all artificial covering

Enhancing her nature beauty

Surpassing every gem and jewel in bounty


Capturing carefully lass in manner so cruel

Is a love laden lad jewel...

Jewel Precious

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