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Make It Worth
Make It Worth

© Priyanka Roy


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In a gilded, opulent place
Lassie had her statuesque days.
Adorned with beauty and astral charm,
No 'dybbuk' brought her any harm.
She moved with ease and elvish pace,
Adroit with Totem's grace.
Had eyes that glimmered, hair that curled,
A charming girl in a resplendent world.
Days and nights walked the sands of time,
Thus, Lassie yawed into a damsel prime.
AWOL was the days of 'fun and play',
Jejuneness brought her, utmost dismay.
'Combat and Hatred' everywhere it reigns,
She felt like a 'feral' doomed in chains.
"She is a girl, she devoirs thy name,
In this terrene of aptitude and fame.
Thou need'st chain; and tame her like a horse
Before'st she schlepps thee a nefarious curse."-
Mommy and Daddy were sternly foretold,
Of Lassie, who was just twelve years old.
Reposing on her chaise of sorrow,
And mewling of the amaranthine tomorrow ;
She specters a runic vision
Devoid of a stake , devoid of a prison .
A fairy wan in her pearly gleam
Embraces her on her mollifying dream.
"Lassie, lassie with jowls such pink,"
-  said the fairy with a tickling wink.
"Leer ! The sphere's such sacchariferous and sound ,
Why don't thee then, carouse and rove around ?
Leer! The birds serenade a chorale such gay ,
And the early bright brews such fair a day.
In this jiff of florid and bloom,
Why durst thy visage leers dull and gloom ? "
Lassie had her rationale to mourn -
Yet she pulls on a valorous tone ,
"Fairy, fairy beaming bright
In the dun and stellary night ,
What seraphic world do thee flare from ;
An Olympian land or an Elysian dome ?
Do thee dwell in a nook so free,
Where I would be avowed to mature, who I yen to be?
Haul me to that hearth of neutrality
Bereft of malignance, bereft of animosity.
Bereft of this spiteful companionship,
That odiums love and rancors friendship."
The fairy gave a thoughtful jaw
With feelings full of ardor and awe -
"Lassie , lassie my endeared child ,
The cosmos is brash , the cosmos is mild.
The cosmos will be thy saboteur, indeed -
The cosmos will be thy cohort in need.
Thou ought to brawl it with stoutheartedness
And vamoose afar this sheer faintheartedness.
Thou art a lady of superincumbent might,
Thou know'st best what's fluffed and what's right.
Thou need'st to assay thy virtue to all
And make it worth being called a 'girl'."
Lassie imbibed her lessons well
Bid the fairy a sweet farewell,
Woke up from her thaumaturgic bubble
And side-tracked her animus trouble.
She surmised to brush away her fears,
Arid her cheeks and sear her tears.
A triumphant feeling was abruptly gained,
'Freed' is the 'feral' that was anteriorly chained.
She was cocksure, she was calm
Hence, no dybbuk brought her any harm.
Lassie had her blissful days
In a gilded, opulent place.

The broken hearts were forever mend,

Thus, Lassie had her own Happy End.

charm beauty dybbuk make it worth being a girl poem

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