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 I don't believe in destiny

For the leaves of my book are clear

 The pen that I hold

In the fast flowing ink

Will form words that start to cohere


I will not believe that the road ahead

Is already laid out to the grave,

That the garden I walk

Is merely cosmetic,

Divided by a long line of pave.


I don't believe that religion

Or any imaginary friend,

Can dictate my course

Or predict the lay of the lawns

That I carefully tend.


They say that we're all born sinners

Must live our lives down on our knees

Groveling like animals

 Begging for forgiveness

From a creation that nobody sees.


I do not believe in fate

 A farcical fancy

 Leaves the traveler

In the hands of the helpless,

Desperate to raise up the ante.


For to follow a fanciful fool

Or the voice at the back of the room,

Is to relinquish hold

On the reins of your life

 Destined to live out the gloom.


 I believe that we all

Have the power to live;

The drive to do right as we feel,

That we don't need a flock

Or surrender to fate

Nor the call of a distant bell's peel.


Be true to yourself

And the path that you take,

Don't follow the lies the deceit

Dig deep inside

For the strength you possess

And defiantly deny your defeat.


*Written by Darren Scanlon 5th November 2015

© 2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.



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