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Sometimes I Wonder
Sometimes I Wonder

© Aditi Mishra


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Sometimes I wonder if the world is an illusion,
Portraying lights through a sustained delusion,
Then I wonder if it will remain forever this way,
Letting every memory in place and every trace stay.

Sometimes I wonder if beliefs can be strong,
Managing to survive when things go wrong,
Then I wonder if dreams can come true,
Keeping the faith alive when I feel blue.

Sometimes I wonder if there exists a light,
Which makes my soul wander every night,
Then I wonder if those places will be mine,
Which seem to be more than a shrine.

Sometimes I wonder if hopes are hallucinations,
Mere fantasies of hazy visions and imaginations,
Then I wonder if faith brings that intuition,
Bridging realities to the invisible world in fusion.

Sometimes I wonder where happiness abides,
In past, present or in imagination of strides,
Then I wonder if moments just come and fly,
Bringing bliss to experience as they pass by.

Sometimes I wonder if life will just move,
Come to an end this way being mortal to prove,
Then I wonder if it will bring something new,
Which might be just mine and remain true.

Sometimes I wonder if I am just a loner,
Intending to wander, seeming a groaner,
Then I wonder if invisible forces remain,
Being different, guiding me through every lane.

Sometimes I wonder if I dwell among the masks,
Which cover shrewd people behind their tasks,
Then I wonder if I am wise enough as well as strong,
To defeat the culprits on my own and be aware of the wrong.

Sometimes I wonder if struggles are between smiles and tears,
Each moment being a lifetime of battles to overcome fears,
Then I wonder if I can smile at foolishly planned strategies again,
Waiting for my chance to attack and see them getting destroyed in vain.

Sometimes I wonder if mistakes are continuous,
Proving me wrong without being superfluous,
Then I wonder if they are just overdone allegations,
Pointed to shatter self-trust using those accusations.

Sometimes I wonder if the world is materialistic,
Unaware of the depths while being pessimistic,
Then I wonder if the hint dwells in the innocence,
Struggling inside every heart to show the presence.

Sometimes I wonder if journeys continue,
When the road diverges leaving no clue,
Then I wonder if all roads bend,
To lead through journeys to the desired end.

Sometimes I wonder if I should join the crowd,
Follow what others do and feel proud,
Then I wonder that only clouds get carried in a cyclone,
The moon and the sun stay intact even if alone.

Sometimes I wonder if I am more of a mystery,
That will remain misunderstood, unsolved and become a history,
Then I wonder if it is just an idea which is hollow,
Propagated by so-called great minds which are shallow.

Sometimes I wonder if my world really exists,
Feeling as if it is only in my mind that it persists,
Then I wonder if there have been just few,
Who could believe in a higher world anew.

Sometimes I wonder if all actions give an equal result,
Weighing justice and injustice unveiling the occult,
Then I wonder if noble thoughts give way to bliss,
Creating a possible world of an impossible wish.

Sometimes I wonder if desires never end,
Because human minds follow that trend,
Then I wonder if hopes make hearts beat,
Curbing storms by a blessed retreat.

Sometimes I wonder if people forget their existence,
Struggling to find themselves for remembrance,
Then I wonder if emotions are what they possess,
Trying to hide from this world they want to impress.

Sometimes I wonder if I will win my battles,
To know how to blow off surrounding shuttles,
Then I wonder if I am that undefeated warrior,
Just like those who can cross every barrier.

Sometimes I wonder if I really belong to this world,
Fighting to prove myself through events all curled,
Then I wonder if I am the one out, meant to stay alone,
To change this world or to find the one that's my own.

Sometimes I wonder if I am just another tale,
Meant to live each chapter, glorious or pale,
Then I wonder if one day I will leave a mark,
Shown to find every way out of the dark.

Sometimes I wonder if the world will remember me,
With a joy or a sorrow when my soul becomes free,
Then I wonder if they will find me in every trace,
Because I will remain with my loved ones through an embrace.

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