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My Worthy Soul

My Worthy Soul

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I pity upon my withered self

Wavering high...

As if it's my routine

Is it a crime to waver

Well maybe,

Many times I wonder

The land of risks,

My mind!

Stands still...

Often wanders off the track

I'm not scared to get lost...

Just that;

The chain of my own choices 

Bring me a disaster.

It was once a magic....

With Misplaced noises! 

What is it to be gentle with oneself?

Being selfish.

Often looking at the mirror 

Flaunt the best feature

the laugh line,

Or simply start smiling...

Words of glory;

To experience the beacher 

Of life...

Embrace the blemishes,

Maybe I forgot...

Someone teach me,

How to look at me with amiable eyes.

They said...

I should get lost 

In my own scintillating brown eyes. 

Then I'll be able to cheer

The most beautiful sight,

Sounds clear. 

A wonderful therapy it is

To locate my identity,

I must pick me 

Treasuring my entity...

Rewarding it love and charm

So it can bloom for me,

Then the mind

With no harm,

Will beam the brightness of 

My Worthy Soul. 

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