Muskan Aneja


Muskan Aneja




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His life had a full stop.

Hers a comma,

Both in their own life,

Now faced a dilemma.

A stop ,an end.

No thought of what lay next.

He gave up.

His whole conquest.

Uninterrupted yet exhausted,

Ongoing, yet stupefied,

She gave up,

but she tried,

2 forces

1 intention

When they join hands

It's another dimension

They came together

Refused to give into defeat

There emerged a semicolon

For once they were complete

A stop. a comma,

Gave it a second chance;

Life gave them nothing;

But they came out of the trance.

It might be the end.

It might be nothing more

But look from another outlook

And there is happiness galore.

His life had a full stop.

Hers a comma,

Give another shot at life;

After all its not just karma.

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