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My Love
My Love

© Diwakar Pokhriyal


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Art of Lord, wonder of heaven,
When earth reached the cloud,
And I met the fragrance, the fairy,
Sublime beauty, timeless queen,
In a blink she disappeared,
And I, like a lost warrior,
Went flat on the ground,
In hope of meeting her again,
In thick or thin, or in dreams,

I recalled our meeting,
When you were wetted by rain,
No sign of tears or pain,
My mind was tweeting,

How can that dropping drop,
Touch your rosy lips,
You were the cause of slips,
You were my only crop,

Of our love,
Of our cozy,
And passionate hug,
And your beautiful eyes,
Melted my sighs into you,
And your fiery breath was heating,
My desires of closeness and freedom,
For a heaven of love and care of souls,

Pure love,
And breathtaking,
Your timeless touch
Digs so deep down,
To cherish,
To live,

And when I kissed the drops,
Resting on your cheeks,
I felt inside my heart,
Elation of numerous winning streaks,

Oh my queen your wet hair,
Were touching my neck,
Our ship of love was sailing,
Without the fear of being wreck,

You are,
My angel,
Your sublime kisses, 
Evoked life inside dead desires

Majestic tightness of your hug,
Youthful passion was on,

Lethargic loneliness was painting the clock,
Overwhelmed wits went greedy,
Vivacious sun of adore,
Enchanted the symphony of trust,

Oh my queen of heart,
How can I forget our first meeting?
My senses were slave of your flirt,
And my fortune was shining with our dating,
My memories still have your fragrance and every second it was elating.

Life touched me, as rain,
Pain disappeared, no strife,
Knife was my words, thoughts my lane,
Train of our love, our life,

Yet, you steered the ship,
Dip was once, I bet,
Net was thrown, to create a slip,
Flip and flop, and finally, again we met,

The stars descended at your glance, Love,
Your majestic essence attracts,
My deprived senses of love,
I left my entity,
In the morning dew,
In the grasses,
Where you danced  
In the,

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