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Writers write day in and day out

Their skills just overwhelm you without a doubt

Magicians of words make you wonder

Imaginations are lightning and emotions thunder

But you miss something in all the expressions

The subject of writings which leave heartfelt impressions

Even the greatest of great fail to touch the notions

Maybe because they find it hard to feel the emotions

Mother, love, friends, country, so many topics they write

But I find the words weak missing their witty might

A person who works silently day and night

Give you what he earns for all your fun and delight

He stays strong and cares to the epitome

He nurtures you and tells you the words of wisdom

He never lets his children see his eyes full of tears

As his weakness will fill them with all sort of fears

For this, he is often called rude

But he has seen this harsh life to its nude

A girl is always a princess to her Dad

He is her superman in all good and bad

For a son, he is the hero of real life

He teaches him the importance of struggle and strife

He is selfless and gave you all he had

For once ask him, "How are you Dad"?

Don't wonder if he becomes silent after you ask

Because he has covered his emotions behind a mask

In his heart, he will be yelling, "I love you" my child

but on his face there will be a smile mild

Don't just stop here, give him a hug rather

After all, he has given you this life,

He is your father

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