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How I Wish I Were..
How I Wish I Were..

© Aditi Mishra


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How I wish I were an Albatross,

One which could fly high in the sky,

Crossing oceans separated by barriers,

While merging into the essence of travelling to different places...

How I wish I were a feather,

Forgetting what it meant to be bound to land,

Living the eternal bliss of dreams,

And then making my own way through the wind...

How I wish I were a frozen cloud,

Being born in the sky somewhere,

And then melting down to some point,

To reach my eternal destination...

How I wish I were a wave,

Resting for sometime on a forgotten ship,

Crashing against the shore in a minute,

And sweeping back to the ocean in another one...

How I wish I were a rainbow,

Setting in with the rainfall,

Growing through the sunshine,

Making millions of dreams come true...

How I wish I were a river,

Rolling stones as I keep flowing,

While bending around rocks,

Nurturing lives as I live myself...

How I wish I were a star,

Living in a paradise high up,

Making innocence survive through beliefs,

Falling down to prove the faith...


How I wish I were a ship,

Being lost in a stagnant sea,

And then setting off to nowhere,

Being lost in the sounds of waves...

How I wish I were a leaf,

Witnessing the world around,

And then being blown somewhere,

To find myself being reborn...

How I wish I were the wind,

Soothing every soul I meet,

Reviving each heart in the story,

Living different stories every moment...

How I wish I were a mountain,

Being strong enough to survive storms,

Growing a land around myself,

Making ways for warriors like me...

How I wish I were a forest,

Hiding secrets since centuries,

Being lost under covers of silence,

Revealing all to real seekers like me...

How I wish I were a lighthouse,

Guiding lost sailors in storms,

Projecting myself for dreamers,

Being a milestone in the ocean...

How I wish I were the night,

Watching the world go to sleep,

Wondering about the cosmos,

When I stay awake for them....

How I wish I were a feeling,

The one which completes humans in depth,

From ecstatic blessings to sorrows,

The one which remained forever...

How I wish I were a story,

Creating a never-ending chain of stories within,

The one which could not be bound to worldly instances,

The one which would always be remembered...

How I wish I were a moment in time,

Revisiting a memory lane to relive it,

Carrying within me a lifetime of happiness,

While living eternally in this universe...

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