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Portraying Him In My Contemplation
Portraying Him In My Contemplation

© Sruti Dhara Mohanty


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For I always fantasized of a life-partner,
how will it be to cognize in the get-together,
one day, someone asked me,
how do you carve your Mr. to be,

I laughed to my heart, said it’s too common
I know he is there in my heart only have to summon.
They asked again, to not be shy,
I said okay! Here I go, do not cry...

I started that he would be the one
who looks at me in the morning sun,
he would try to darn my disheveled hair
with his stimulating whisper of the dawn fair.

He would leer at my trivial tales.
Or make me laugh at my despairs.
He would share all in his mind.
Like no secret have kept behind.

When the seasons pass on and on,
we keep up altogether,
in the ups and down, whatsoever,
we would not lose faith upon each other.

When I get cranky at my severe to bad times,
which I undergo alone in many a whiles.
He would soothe me, with his not-ever-mutable adoration
his soothing soft voice would make ache pass in harmonization.

When I get engorged all over my form,
with a baby bump or would be sworn,
he would always handle me with care,
not only for our baby but also for my share.

He would father our children,
like best ever would be,
he would guide them through the light
with pride together in holding tight.

When his debauched days come,
he would keep his head in my lap,
All I would plea, to take away his pain,
so that he sleeps with great relief to this disdain.

As our old age approach, we would take care,
if I fall down, he would be there,
and we would hold hands together, till my heart's at ease.
Be it in doctor’s chamber or in the open till I cease.

I would speak him already to not be despair,
If I perish sooner for he would be sad,
Once he would take my photo and say
“Sweetie, I miss you, please be mine in the next birth to come.”

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