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That Girl
That Girl

© Ananya Baruah


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Let there be no pain

Let there be no tears;

After everything that you braved

What do you really fear?

Shrewd were they who indented on your heart

Only to embezzle the seemliness and delight that was yours;

But look, oh look at you, you lionhearted damsel

How magnificently you spread your wings

And take flight with everything you repossessed;

How elegantly you fabricated and flaunted what you really are

Tearing the hearts of many

Who now wish you by their side;

Who not for once treasured your worth

Who thought you were a catastrophe, an evil eye;

So jubilant, so blissful, so elated, so content

And yet your eyes hold the truth

Of the strident life, that you once condemned;

Is it over? Is this the end?

Does this mean you’ll no more be grief-stricken?

You know, and yet, how beautifully do you hide it

Hide your fears and atrocities, behind that winsome smile of yours;

Like a drop of tear or a look of dismay

Might invite the worst of the woe;

And you want no more of the phony solace

Or the dejected eyes following you;

But instead, an answer, a score to settle

For all that had befallen on you;

Until then and until the very end

Fly till it’s unimaginable to pull you down

Where the monstrosities of life and humans prevail

Fly till you know, your intendment of life is complete.






This poem is basically about a girl who has been through a lot and she has now finally started to put it all together.

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