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What Does It Take To Succeed
What Does It Take To Succeed

© Sanaya Ross

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What does it take to succeed... Fearless vision and creativity. An Attitude that says "Winners never quit and quitters never win". Patience with myself while I am learning. Faith in me that is possible to succeed even after many failures. Belief in myself that I have special and unique gifts to offer in the world. Abundant internal love. The spirit of a champion and the heart of a lion. Relentless determination. Acknowledgement that I am more than my story. Willingness to sacrifice my old self for my new self. Asserting myself lovingly but boldly in the face of opposition. The ability to stay present and focused. Unbiased, compassionate and empathetic. For me to go beyond myself and outside of my comfort zone. The commitment to never stop learning, evolving, growing, expanding. The demand of myself to feed my mind positive, intelligent, or motivational content on a regular basis. My commitment to health, wellness, and taking care of myself. For me to believe that I can win and have everything I've ever wanted and leave the world a little better place because I was here. Above all else... "Courage... dear heart"

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