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The Prince In Gold & The Silver Fairy
The Prince In Gold & The Silver Fairy

© Anubhuti Singhal


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'He' came;
My prince in gold!
Not alone;
With 'him' came glow of warmth.
It touched me to my depth.
'He' touched me and 'He' caressed
I was charmed.
Felt so glad
That I went very red.
Then it happened!
'He' got mad!
Seeing 'him' angry,
Feeling unhappy,
I too burned!
Still, I had to wait
With bated breath
To see 'him' calmed!
'He' took pity
Though 'He' was gritty
And started melting
We started playing
'He' was hiding
I was seeking
There 'He' was!
Beyond the majestic hills
Beneath the balls of clouds
Behind the lush trees
Then 'He' said!
I am sleepy so I am leaving
Worry not, I am promising
Tomorrow comes and I will be coming
'He' was going!
Gradually and gently.
I was still searching!
Surely and steadily
Then 'He' was gone.
All that was left, was me
And traces of 'his' hugs scattered all over me.
They soon became a memory.
I became woefuI and was lonely
So, I lost my glory.
Till 'she' came!
My silver fairy!
Making me merry.
'She' is naughty, that one!
Sometimes comes in 'her' full form.
Shining pimpled round face.
Without any lace.
Sometimes flashing just half a smile
For which one can go any mile.
Softly settling in my lap
Stealthily sliding down the gap.
Along with 'Her' They' also came!
Shimmering beauties!
Tiny little creatures.
Following 'her' everywhere.
'She' gleamed and 'they' glimmered
Making me also radiated.
This is my story
Memory became history.
No more my lonely geography.
I have developed good chemistry.
I am continuing my game.
Playing peek a boo!
With stars and moon.
Waiting for the sun to come out to meet me again!

Day and night

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