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The Women In Me
The Women In Me

© Deepa Joshi


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I am one but there are many women in me.
Whom I know, I see, and I be.
Great is the love of the parents that I get as a daughter.
All my joys become long and troubles shorter.
The sister in me loves her brother and prays for him.
He too holds my hand through thick and thin and never lets me be grim.
The granddaughter in me is a precious gift to the grands.
All my actions fill them with joy and make them clap their hands.
Then I grow up and become responsible as I get married and become a wife. 
Know I have a husband and a home that changes my life.
Mother, father, brother, sister all in-laws so dear.
They help me to build my family as they stay so close and near.
Then the most beautiful part of my life being a mother to a child.
Rearing a life so tender and mild.
I spend my life loving caring and sharing with my husband, children and family.
Going through all this, sometimes I get angry but still I carry on my duties calmly.
I have another important role to play. 
As I am also a teacher in a school during the day.
Enlightening minds, imparting knowledge and helping others to grow.
I get the joy when I see the flowers bloom of the seeds of knowledge I sow. 
Proud I am indeed, being a woman so versatile and so important as a whole.
I challenge man to choose and play any one of my role.

The women in me

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