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Across The Sea
Across The Sea

© Asima Bhatt


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He just left, seizing his hand from yours

Leaving you all by yourself, to weep.

He knew, you cannot live alone

Can't endure this vindictive and swarming world.

Weeping, you ask over and over again,

Where did I go wrong?

What was my mistake?



Those who leave, never offer reasons.

Those who leave, will always find excuses to leave.

As if it's their fate.

Just remember, it's not your fault.

Loving him was the only mistake.


No! No!

Don't you cry anymore.

Don't call him back citing reasons of your love,

Who doesn't even know what faithfulness is.

Being upset, please don't harm yourself,

Don't you waste your tears crying by the wall.

There are so many more

Who are reading my words and crying.

I know, I know very well,

How swindled these naive lovers are

When their heart is broken like an adored toy.


Let it break.

But you don't.

They fancy this...

That you slit your wrist

Or overdose yourself with sleeping pills,

And finish yourself off.

They know your weakness,

So they are trying to make you more weaker.

They attack you when you are at the lowest point of your life

They break you, inside out.

At the moment when you need them the most.


Forgetting everything, blossom.

Flourish like a flower.

Look more beautiful.

Take pride in every step you put forward.

Sing and dance, be frolic,

About yourself, about being beautiful.

Laugh, laugh more and be happy.

Your enemies will always be petrified by your happiness.


You are not alone,

There are many like yourself.

Who are searching for their historical love across the sea.

In a boat with long oars,

Someone is singing tonight.


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