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Busy Cities
Busy Cities

© Ekta Godara

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These are busy cities, my friend

With every eye having the same dream of having it all

They do understand what’s going on,

But they also know how to stay blinded with eyes

These are busy cities, my friend

You can walk whole day

Never seeing the same face twice

But those seconds of encounter

Have the ability to leave imprints for forever

These are busy cities, my friend

Everyone here is a player,

You see these faces, just take a close look at them

Yes, these are masks, different person for everyone they meet

These are busy cities, my friend

There are no emotions,

They grew up seeing the destruction so much

That these people have forgotten all about them

Just stand still, see these strangers passing by

Every one of them trying to hide their hearts

You know why,

No one wants but everyone ends up destroying hearts here

Busy cities, these people are possessed by these charms

Save your dream filled eyes from them

Your friend only will steal all your glory from you

Your love will only leave the memory of devastation

All are escapist here, they won't hold back to crush you for their escapes

These are busy cities, my friend

But don't forget who you are, for your heart will guide you.


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