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My Love
My Love

© Madhumita Nayyar


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The cool, dancing breeze,

Shaking and stirring the tall trees,

Moving with a ballerina's ease,

Comes near me, flies by, to tease.


Tease me with your scent,

That it stole from you as you went,

To spike and stroke me, it was meant,

Catalyze my longing for you and torment.


The lonely, dusky evening,

Increases my pining 

For you, giving it all a new meaning,

Although, it is all so pleasing.


In the encroaching darkness to you I talk,

Side by side we both walk,

Whispering small nothings, as the stars knock

At the sky's door, while I dreamwalk.


My heart wants to follow you,

Do as you like it to do,

Creating me all over, anew,

And with each new day, more fonder it grew.


It does not want to walk that path,

Where thou art not,

The road, that separates you and me,

And I'choked and suffocated in the aftermath.


The life that was once mine,

Is now completely thine,

In a relationship divine,

My body and soul both combine.


It listens to only you,

It is you, it wants to follow,

Closer to you as it grew,

As you say, it wants to do.


I do not know whether you can see it,

My feelings on my face writ,

Will you understand it bit?

Why must I, my love admit?


My eyes do tell it all,

To you, they make a call,

Fighting out numerous thunders and squalls,

All they want is, you to enthrall.


Just like the shore meets the ocean,

The water casts it's impression,

In the shore's domain,

Only to be washed away and does so again and again.


My life too has written your name in my heart,

Whether you come to me, or you depart,

You will forever be in me, my part,

Even death will not do us apart.


As the ocean writes itself on the sand,

Leaving it's mark on the land,

Similarly will my love stand

Always with you, as that is what destiny has planned.


Love eyes destiny

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