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Beautiful Lady
Beautiful Lady

© Mathews Abraham


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I can’t pluck my eyes from you, dear lady.

Wrapped in golden robe, your fragrant body,

Wondrous thoughts flutter as I muse

On your body, gold and copper fused.


Eden’s doors I tried and pried open

To hold your face and gaze at you often,

Your parted moist lips – a crimson rose,

To kiss them and be in bliss I quickly rose.


Deign to come to my ornate hut, oh lady!

Deign to enter my open heart so tidy,

Dwell there as a goddess high enthroned

With a crown of gold and diamonds duly crowned.


I shall give up wealth and embrace dearth

And hold you as my only lasting wealth.

In the open fields with blossoms bright let’s walk,

Walk with me where grey birds sing and mock.


Desires ripe arise as body ripens with age,

Denied they will swell and rise with rage.

I’ve spoken from my heart my only desire

To melt in your love like incense in fire.


Thoughts uncontrolled are horses running wild;

They’ll trample on mind’s forces mild,

Without bit and bridle I’ll let them run,

I’ll let them run until your heart I’ve won.


With the full moon on her forehead, when night enters,

And the dusted gold on her lovely face glitters,

Sing with me the song of love aloud

That’ll make my heart float on cloud.


With a passionate heart I’ll love you till that day

When the sun will no more send his silver rays.

Sin there’s none in hearts that only love

Was there sin in Zeus’ and Hera’s love?

My heart sings out aloud for the 'Woman' I love !!

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