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Love Deadly As Any Sin
Love Deadly As Any Sin

© Sean Runyon


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Love deadly as any sin I've ever laid hands upon

Finding self upon

The plight of obsession of compulsion dissuading,

manipulating trying  to change lover to the image I thought  she should be

not realizing I was the one who needed to change

so busy, trying to fix them in process.

I forgetting; how to fix self consistently,

pointing fingers of blame.

I am right, you are wrong...

life is much easier that way,

looking upon them instead of self

always making her feel lesser 

than the person she was meant to be

because of the wrongs,

she has traced her feet upon 

putting her down with my righteousness.

But in process, I the man that I was,

closed all doors to proper communication.

I only saw her for who I wanted her to be,

not for who she really was.

For I did not realize,

I was  just as much a part of the disease

of our failing heart's as she was.

The hurt I have brought God please forgive me .

Through my days of living I have watched

love fail upon the hearts of the multitudes,

I have heard such things as my love did not feed me,

did not hear me,

did not listen to me,

did not care for me.

They did nothing but cheat on me

and take away the value of our love.

But we always fail to realize

that somewhere along the lines

by the choices, habits, the roads we choose

to walk upon led us to that point of failure.

I have found that we must be ever so careful

of the things we put into our minds,

the habits, the choosing of hearts desire

for indelible marks they cannot be removed.

For love is such a fickle creature.

She will become thoughts of your mind

weather be bad or good,

she will become the creation of your heart.

So I beg, take responsibility for self

and love will bloom into the flower it was meant to be.


Memoirs of a mad mind written  by Sean Thomas Runyon Copyrights 2016 art done by Google gallery and Bing photography  

Love deadly as any sin the poem describes itself to try to look up on self and not the other for the problems of failed loved

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