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The Dream Of Rainy Season
The Dream Of Rainy Season

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In this falling heavily rain

I hear the sounds of rainy and thundering

Outside makes me cold and felling so cold

Listening the song at the side of mine

My mind completely makes me so silence

Don’t know what to do and don’t know what to do

In this silence night of rainy season

I found the night is so long and feeling so lonely

Just thought of running outside the rain

It is the dream of this night

The rain keeps dripping down and I felt that he is so close to me

But the way we consider me and the way

he fell on me is something different

That he can’t even call me or neither meets on day time

As the night falls on I neither call him and neither calls me

Instantly I made up my mind to stop completely

And shut down all my phones and rejected

It was strange that he came back to me

Not to ignore me and let me be with you forever


As the days and nights gone by

Still my mind is linger on with him

And waiting to call me back

But as long as I have not called or send a message

He stands on the other side so silence

My mind keeps wonder what to do


Let me think again what to do

Should I completely kicked out of my life

Should I have to use passion on and

Let me be yours to assist on this matter


The strangest ever feeling I have got it

I neither to do anything and nor I fixed him

What he thinks on me is still in a dilemma

So let me think again on the matter


I just pray for three jewels

The love like this on me

Is the worst part in my life

I am finding for the man who laughs and plays on me in anytime I like

So please three jewels bestow me a power

To bring me a man who leans on me at every shadow of life

Let him be mine as long as I remain

Let me be with him as long as I am exist in this world


If I passed away and he passed away

There is nothing but scars left to remind our love

But nothing regret and repentance

But the fragrance of love still remain forever

So whatever let me give a power?

To lead him love strong

And let him be strong enough to think what I feel for him.


Nothing remains permanent

So long as they remain

Let me love you again

We the word of love will be remain stagnant

Love of physical will be banished

No more love but fragrance will remain

So much so that doesn’t fall in love gain

Until we love you my dear friend

May there is no love

There is no life

But love is strong

So don’t let the love to be too strong

Let love will be freely

Until both of you hold and catch each other

So they will be a love forever

Not only today but tomorrow

Rainy Season Lonely and Sadness Felling of love

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