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The Grail
The Grail

© Abhishek Jay C


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A knight in shining armor rode

Beyond the heathen nation

To seek the Holy Grail myth bode

Unknown in every station


My phone my sword and steady my walk

I took my first short step.

And fell so far down an abyss

I couldn’t even call for help.


The legends spoke of a chalice so precious

God drank from it himself.

But protectors made the chalice a mug

And God was drawn an elf.


“Decipher code to find the way

Doesn’t always start in a chapel,

Maybe it’s tougher than you could imagine

Maybe simple as ‘A for Apple’ “


Many mugs I found adorning my path

From pints to cups to pitchers

But the Grail itself felt evasive and shy

Even as I got richer and richer


I burned a pile of money in hopes

Of smoking out the Grail

And one cold night when the smoke was my breath

She stood before me unveiled


A chapel she had never known

Nor that she was a treasure

Nor did I know she stumbled onto me the same way

Measure for freaking measure


Her heart told her the grail was awkward

And crossed everything off of her list

What mine told me was she knew my heart

And was certainly no Baptiste


She drew me out of my heart’s shell

Her perfume to this day lingers

But just as I stretched out my hand to touch

The Grail slipped from between my fingers


The vial broke, the chalice lost

And the five petalled rose sat frozen

Till two families died and the world showed faith

In the Grail and the one She’d chosen.

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