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Varsha Madhulika


The Golden Moments

The Golden Moments

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Walking on path long

Never I felt, I need to cherish

Woven moments special.

Times perilous in life

Seek I, solace eminence

Nowhere I found peace.

Truly worthy occasion

Popped up in my mind

Under scorching daylight.

Happiness precious lied within

I failed to turn pages I admire most

Until connectivity was lost.

Resilience utter need

Mumbling voice on the top pitch

Equilibrium I knock.

Memorable priceless jewel

I don ever since I was born

Yet, unknown were they all to me.

Lengthy sessions of Counseling

Tapped the door, I hid, back long

As past, I ever moved along.

Souvenir veiled, my strength

Incognito to my very atomic congregation

 As I stretched arms for a shoulder to rest.

Moments golden, my treasure

Visit every time, I feel weak

Drawing strength as I see gems of my life.

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