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Trust, Faith and Belief are the Life’s Partner

I know the Life moves with Truth and Lie

The Team work will make Technology change

Beautiful Life will have the Technology utility ǁ

True Relationships Never Die on Valentine’s Day

I Say No to Vanish and Disappear

I need Trust, Faith and Belief as Ultimate Target

No matter, I give support and help ǁ

The Fate depends on Time

Time Rules the Life

Life to mould as per Time

Time will lead the Life in this World ǁ

People get affected if the Time is bad

Millionaires become Paupers one day

Paupers become Wealthy and Rich

Rich become millionaires, as Time will Say ǁ

I and you can’t go against the Time

Time wind breaks all expectations

Calculations go wrong, if Time is bad

Time will decide the Life’s Destiny fast ǁ

I Pray the Time, I Pray the God

I look for Time for an auspicious event

I follow Time for an auspicious work

I follow Time for ceremonial functions ǁ

It’s Time, Time and Time

Time Rules Everything

Time changes People fast

Time Rules Life in this World ǁ

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