A Matter Of Time And Space

A Matter Of Time And Space

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Vincent's paintings

Were rejected by his friends

As jackpiece! 

Until the sunset dawned 

On him, 

All those junks were then

Seen again as a masterpiece. 

Meera's dances on the streets

Were looked down upon as insanity

She kept on chanting her lines, 

Dancing in the open, 

Until her steps, her trance

Made sense, was worshipped then

As an outstanding disciple

Of the wise Krishna.

Joan of Arc, 

Her tomboy stunts burnt

Her fingers, she bore the brunt

Until, centuries later, 

She was considered a saint.

Edison wasted filaments? 

Not one of them was a jackpiece, 

For those thousands of them, 

Led him to the one

That enlightened on its own, 

His chef d'oeuvre, thus won.

Socrates was given 

A cup of poison to drink,

Was considered a jackass

For his thoughts allegedly

Deluded his students, 

But the same musings

Later became masterass! 

Kickass, they're studied today, 

Discussed in philosophical

Gatherings as gospel,

All around the world.

Jesus was killed like a burglar, 

Beside a thief;

That he is a masterpiece, 

God personified, 

Is now an undeniable belief.

Rowling was rejected

By many muggles, 

Had to struggle

To have Harry Potter

See his days.

If you are a writer, or in any 

Other profession, 

Don't pay heed to what

Some alpha dudes say,

Mind you, they are right;

But so are you! 

Keep on doing your bit, 

Either at work or while

Following your passion;

As long as you can persist

It's just a matter of time and space, 

This world is a stage, where all pieces, 

Jack, slave, master, can peacefully coexist

From their respective perspectives.

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