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Alone - Embracing Solitude
Alone - Embracing Solitude

© Archie Saxena

Drama Tragedy

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Walking along the busy dusty lane, 

Through the yellow-headed leveled plane, 

Afraid of my own silhouette, driving me deranged, 

Struggling with the rumbling thoughts, thoughts not so sane, 

The person I have just met, 

The person who waved to me, 

The person just complimented me, 

The person whom I just lost, 

The broken promises, 

The weirdest reality that turned into nightmares, 

The scariest nightmares that knocked like daydreams, 

Or maybe just the shattered pieces of prettiest dreams. 

Everything that seemed drifting in the days of yore, 

Now seem meaningless though. 

Inside the deepest corner of my head, 

My thoughts rebounded, 

Is this a part of me growing up?! 

Or am I just refraining?! 

Or am I just tired of chasing people now! 

The seperations I faced, 

The friends I lost, 

The friends who made me feel abandoned a year ago, all the more

Are now back, but with a gap. 

The relations that were never meant to be mine,

The person who denied to be on my side,

The segments from my past flashed,

Were screaming loud inside, hitting my soul at core.

Only the experiences that turned into wisdom, gained over years, whispered,

You have come a long way, living alone,

You love your loneliness like a die hard fan. 

Sometimes sharing your dilemmas, 

Sometimes sharing your sufferings, 

Sometimes sharing your faces, 

Sometimes sharing your determination, 

And the other times when you shared all your confusions, 

Yelling at it like a baby asking for all the whys and wherefores in your life, 

Treating it like the encyclopedia of your doubts, 

Sometimes just sitting under the night sky talking to stars, 

Sometimes sliding under the blanket so warm. 

Like no one ever came, just held my hand, 

Touched my heart and said, 

Everything will be fine, 

I am here with you, I sign. 

Heart turned unrelenting, 

Life seemed compassionless, 

Sadness that dribbled down as tears, 

Tears that transformed into numbness, 

The times when my experiences were turning me stoic, 

No one witnessed my sorrows then, 

The time I was growing up. 

It's been a long time, 

Loving this loneliness, 

Loving the silhouette that made me scared a while ago, 

Atleast it's real to have it beside me forever, 

I have loved this austerity, 

Gained through experiences of heartaches and the world's cruelty. 

That's how a tale so lonely, ends happily, 

Into the oceans of happiness, I submerged myself into the love and warmth of family, 

Their smiles, so pristine, ended all my sorrows fairly

Overcoming the meaningless chase of relationships, gradually 

I, Chased rainbows instead, 

And embraced the solitude gleefully, 

Wherefore, I grew stronger if I grew at all. 

sadness growth loneliness solitude

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