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Who A Mother Is?
Who A Mother Is?

© Navneet Mittal

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The day she smiled when I cried,

The day she thanked God the most for bestowing her with such a precious gem,

The day she was reborn – Yes she is my Mother.

In our Hindu mythology, we worship many Gods, but have we ever wondered whom these Gods worshiped –

Whenever we start something new, we worship and please Lord Ganesha – He worshiped his Mother Goddess Parvati to an extent where he was beheaded by his Father Lord Shiva.

We worship Lord Rama, but we should not forget just to obey her Mother he happily moved to Exile for 14 long years.

We also worship Lord Krishna, the notorious of all, who was always punished by his Mother Goddess Yashoda. He loved tricking his Mother and playing fool around with her.

These Mythological incidents are written to draw your attention towards a thought - 

"Even God wonders if He created Mother, or is He a creation of a Mother" :)

In today’s era, we have got a lot of work to do. We have a Social Life, we have a Stature in the society and we have to live accordingly.

We grow up so fast that we have no time to think of how were we brought up, we even do not care to sit at home and spend some time with our parents.

We worship all Gods, we visit their temple and thank them for bestowing his blessings and we even offer a deal so that we prosper and earn more.

We have to visit varied people’s home – some for our reasons, some for work’s reason, and some for other reasons. (In a way, we meet people only those people who interests us).

We have to maintain a stature in the Society and we want to be called the “Best”.

When other people visit our place and if our Mother meets them – she at time starts narrating how we were in our Childhood days

“He was the most notorious child, always dancing here there," She said.

“Are you insulting me,” the MAN (has grown up so big) said.

“He does not have time, he does not even talk to us or tell us what he is doing,” She said.

“Should I work or sit back home and listen to you. What should I talk to you; I have provided you with all the amenities what else do you require? What should I share with you about my work, what will you understand,” the BIG MAN said.

Yes! Though a bitter truth, but in today’s world somewhere we have forgotten to realize the importance of our Mother in our lives. We have taken her for granted.

When She says you were the one notorious, she means that You have given her ample memories in your childhood and she recalls it every second of her life.

When She says you have been fooling around the most, she means you’ve had the best time in your life.

When She says you can achieve anything in this world, she means you have every capability of doing whatever you desire.

When She says you’ve beaten up by her, she means that she loved you the most and wanted you to be a Perfect Guy.

She is not someone who demands you luxuries or amenities,

She is not someone who looks the Imperfections in you,

She is not someone who wants you to be hated,

She is not someone who will ever insult you.

You are Her precious gem, a gem which the Almighty has gifted her.

You are Her Strength, You are Her Pride, You are her Honour.

She never demands anything from you,

She is the only one who looks you beyond all your Imperfections.

She is the only one who loves you above all odds, who can even fight any God for you.

She needs You only You.

This is the time when we should realize that amidst all the chaos we are living in,

We have someone waiting for us at dinner, who cannot eat until she’s sure if our stomach is Full.

Give her time, give her more of memories, and give her smiles :)

So on this Mother’s Day let's pledge to be more notorious and make our Mothers smile and proud. And if she cries, the tears should only be the reason for our success.

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