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Ayalan Kurdi
Ayalan Kurdi

© Aravinda Das


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Ayalan Kurdi, you are a loser

You had crossed so many international borders,

Just to escape the homeland battle;

Your dream to see the sunrise

In a peaceful foreign land, remained unfulfilled Ayalan.

In that dark cold night, clogging to mother’s warm chest,

You were in the boat, which was moving like a swing, in the rough sea

Your dream of a better future, remained unfulfilled Ayalan.

Today you are lying alone on the white sea sand, unmoved

lifeless, like a battery less doll

Are you acting or angry? Being separated from your brothers and mother?

The whole world is watching you Ayalan, but your dream still remained unfulfilled.

You might have lost the battle of life, but you are a true winner Ayalan

Please open up your eyes; you have reached your destination,

You have escaped the horrible, torturous life of a refugee

And gone to heaven, where you do not need a passport to enter;

Where there is no violence, war, boundary, terrorism and refugee problem

But only peace and tranquillity prevails.

You have become the face for crores of refugees, Ayalan,

You have created a special space in everyone’s heart

Entire world is remembering and mourning for you,

You have become a world winner; really  you are a winner Ayalan.


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