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Wisdom From Me
Wisdom From Me

© Aadya Saxena


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What is freedom?

It’s when I can be what I want

Without no one questioning me

When I can do what I want

Without no doubt upon my dignity


What is respect?

It’s when I’m black, white, brown

Or of any other race

It’s when you don’t dare scowl

When you look me in my face


What is acceptance?

It’s when I’m Hindu or Muslim and maybe you’re a Jew

When I look at you and only see you

Not a terrorist, not a threat, not a Jew

Just you


So while I’m stuck here writing poetry

There’s someone in the world hiding their qualities

Begging for equality

There’s someone in the world looking for respect

Maybe just a lil’ speck

There’s someone in the world looking for acceptance

So what if they’re a little different


That someone is me

That someone is you

Cause even when we live in a democracy

We’re following the policy

That I’m not me

And you’re not you

But it’s always what I’m supposed to be

And to what you have to be true

And that is the rule

Laid down by society

Teaching anonymity

Killing our uniqueness

Taking away the individuality


Listen to what’s reality

That you are in control

Of whatever is your role

To leave a mark upon humanity

Just keep your sanity

Create some amity

Cause you’re free

No one controls you

Not your skin, not your race, sex or religion

Just you

And that’s all the wisdom

That you’d be getting from me

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