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Fashion - Who Are You?
Fashion - Who Are You?

© Abhivardhan I


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“Wow! Its abundance,
Is wonderful! Its existence,
Seems to be magical!
It is very fashionable!” she said.
But after that event,
“That attack was something,
Which totally starved me!
It truly meant very,
And actually disastrous!” the struggler said.

When we compare,
The different nations,
These only prove,
That the only is right,
Whose mind is white,
Like a pure milk,
And the opposite of him or her,
Is dark and rusty,
As the used metal,
Whose significance,
Was true at nothing.
The fate of a nation,
Relies on the time.
If time is deceived,
And culture is neglected,
Then the weight of it,
Depreciates mostly,
And the left part is,
Only effigies,
Maybe of death,
Or Maybe of conscience.

I questioned the trend,
And attraction of all,
The wonderful “Fashion”.
Why are you here?
To either change,
Or to bring back the black sheep?
Who are you,
Either a thinking,
Or a destructive creation?
What are you doing?
Creating entertainment,
Trend, Attraction,
Or pulling the roots,
Of the weakened morality?

If you don’t answer,
Then I have my opinion.
Because of you,
The lingual chains,
Are truly broken at all.
Because of you,
The constitution is now,
Decaying as it is, of
Literally no use.
And, because of you,
The culture and epics,
Having the chariots of,
The great morality,
Plundered you and,
Your attractive users.
So here’s a beg,
Actually to you.
Please enhance,
The vast creativity,
But not so much,
That it leads to,
Social failures.
Please limit,
The treachery,
And worthless mindset,
Actually decay it,
To enlighten the sun,
Which will synthesize,
The roots of morality.

Fashion. modernity dignity culture poetry

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