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I'll Tell My Child
I'll Tell My Child

© Keerthana Chandrasekaran

Children Stories Inspirational

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I'll tell my child,

To love the world enough,

Love the world, until

Her love pierce deep,

Through the iron heart,

And stigmas send her,

Love letters back.

I'll tell my child,

To be strong enough,

To be strong, until

All the hurts form a membrane,

Around her weak heart,

And let no hoax inside.

I'll tell my child,

To have all the smile,

Have all the smile, until

The tears got dried up,

By the warmth of her laughter

And her tear glands die.

I'll tell my child,

To face this selfish universe,

With hopes and courage,

With hopes and courage, until

She uses all her stamina,

To uncover all her fantasies

And scramble them into reality

I'll tell my child,

Taste every sip of life potion,

Taste every sip, until

Both spice and sweet,

As suicide is only a weapon to end,

Not the solution to mend.

I'll tell my child,

To live her moments,

I'll tell my child,

To carve her realm,

As her life is a delightful dream.

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