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A Proposal
A Proposal

© Sahil Lodwal


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Oh you, the creative soul. 

Today, I regard you as an interesting dictionary 

And myself as a curious rookie 

For this language of love.

To approach you,

I wouldn't roll my sleeves up,

I would rather put on a tie.


To impress you, 

I wouldn't wear that lavish watch,

Rather I just want to be on time.


To make you smile,

I wouldn't sing a romantic song, 

Rather I would narrate you my best love poem 


To earn your affection,

I wouldn't offer you a red Rose

Rather I would like to dance with you in rain.


And I assure you,

If love is a concept, we would be it's theory.

If love is a newly invented machine,

we would be it's guidelines.

If love is a language,

we would be it's grammar.

If it is a prophecy,

We are its only base Darling

If it is science,

we are its fundamental facts. 

If it is a politics,

We are its discourse.

If it is a trending brand,

We would be it's logo.

If love is William Shakespeare,

We are its masterpiece poem. 

If love is a mystery,

We would be its last clue.

If love is a birthday,

We would be the grand surprise.

If love is Pokemone Go 

We would be its update. 


So lady, 

Would you be the subject of my masterpiece in literature?


A proposal

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