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Hey, do you ever wonder what love is

Is it joy or pain?

Some say that to give is love

Some say to live is love

Some say that pain is love

And some say that content joy is love

What is love is what I say

Centuries gone by

Love is yet a mystery

Some say reactions of feremons

Some say a fatal attraction

Some say that ill all physical

And some say it’s all emotional

Who right, whose wrong is what I ask

 Whom to believe, whom to trust

Who’s to say they are all right

And who’s to say there all wrong

What’s the definition of love?

Love that has endless joy, immense pain.

A bundle of disaster upon whom it struck

Lightning of Zeus, can be mercy, can be might.

Love, love, love

Seems to have no bounds

Seems to have no forms

Seem to have no names.

You wound wonder that they’ll stay away

Away as they can stay

To the irony of it all, they don’t

They stay, stay as close as they can.

They want it with all their heart

As honey is to bee

As if it were a plague

Sent by Poseidon to plague the earth

Rip the world of hope and joy

To make the humans not want to see the light of day

The desire to despair to surrender to the immense pain they have

To just let go…

Let go…




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