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Thinking About No Tomorrow
Thinking About No Tomorrow

© Gargee Baruah


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Yesterday, I loved staring

Blank at the night sky,

My troubles seemed to fly

Into the vast expanse

Of the blurry thoughts

That sweep across the sky

Like strokes of a painting brush,

I thought less and I gazed more,

I felt nothing I had to hold on to,

I could feel the flight of bats

Cutting across

The brooding sky.

I plug in my earphones

Without playing any song

While random thoughts

Sweep me by

Like channels on auto-tune.

I fuck this moment,

I fly high on orgasm and

Let my thoughts dissolve

Into the wreaths of smoke.

My clothes refuse to cover me

As I begin to love me in my skin

While my silence gently

Comforts my deadening pain.

I wander away through

The roads but I want

The cacophonous honking

To not get to my ears,

Nor do I want my playlist to

Try taking me to dreamy lands,

I am walking,

I am walking the roads

And I am passing by

The labour of the street vendors

And rickshaw wallahs,

I am letting the colour

Of oranges displayed by

The fruit- seller

Fill my mind with it and

Let me now

Walk through this colour while

It transforms again

Into another shade,

And blinding me slowly,

Sensitively, leaving me asleep


Thinking about no tomorrow!

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