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Life Me And Death
Life Me And Death

© Shubham Singh


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My soul runs between life and death,

It's friendship with life brings happiness,

But it's hatred with death brings darkness,

And this cycle is what I call,

life me and death

there's constant a war that life fights,

with death that tries to take me away,

each time the life wins but,

death kills life's will to fight again,

a time comes when life gives up,

and death finally wins us,

it takes us away from all the pleasure,

and darkness is what left to us,

and it's just me and death.

bt then i hear the death cry,

darkness shedding and all clear skies,

it's life that returns with spark in eye,

and saying to me you are now all mine,

it takes me away from darkness,

and i find myself in childs cry,

i realise that i am born again,

with people unfamiliar to me everywhere,

at first i cry of losing the old,

but later i fell in love,

with the new world that life gave me,

with this life death cycle which runs my soul,

i think god is who made this whole,

i am the puppet of god's hand,

who destroys me in pieces,

and joins me again,

and life me and death is what remains

Spark in eye constant war

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