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Manic Monday
Manic Monday

© Vivek Malhotra


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As the Sunday sun sets away
with its rare peace and your fun day
It brings to fore the manic Monday

Ditching all the pleasures that the weekend brought
When the mind was filled with little thoughts
Relaxing with a cup of favourite beverage
Reading a news coverage
Catching up a good movie or with a friend
Or just lying lazing in the bed
With your favourite book
Binging on your choicest food
Getting into your best mood
The smiles return since there is no work
these are some of the few weekend perks

From the time the sun rises
to the time the moon comes in
It's a race against time
On the first day of the week.
Some revel the start of the week
and make others wonder
Are these people for real?

Others start feeling weak
Drained before the day begins.
Some like to make just more money
Some just have to make their ends meet.
The mad honking by the vehicles begins
perhaps a sign of the everyone's mind
anxious to reach somewhere in time
The smiles of the weekend disappear
a lot of fret and frown appear
Tensed foreheads you cross so many
Packed trains and buses overflowing already
Face the boss with a fake smile
Hoping they go easy in the coming time
The to-do list is never ending
The emails in the inbox overflowing and pending
The calls that hound throughout the day
The peace it vanishes found nowhere
The wait for the evening to arrive
To end the misery of the day gone by
The money machine chugs along
Grinding everyone in its path
Forgetting quickly the hours spent
on the weekends that are also getting rare.

So make the most of the hours you get
to charge up the batteries for the battle ahead
That's how the system has been made
Makes you slog every time a little more
Simple pleasures go out the door
Makes one wonder about our lives
Are we living for ourselves
Or by what the world defines

These are the thoughts the mind garners
When the manic Monday is just around the corner.

Manic Monday

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